OPPO F1s A1601 Flash File Download – VNROM Stock Rom

OPPO F1s A1601 Flash File Download

OPPO F1s A1601 Flash File Download

Summary of rom for OPPO F1s A1601 Flash File Download both 2016 and 2017 versions. Rom can unbrick, fix stuck logo, remove screen password, fix other software errors…


I. OPPO F1s 2016 (3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory)


II. OPPO F1s 2017 (4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory)


  • If you just need to delete the Screen Password, download the SCATTER ROM file and follow the instructions  to Delete Screen Password on OPPO F1s 2017 and F1s 2016
  • If you use it to unbrick, fix stuck logo, save the phone from only vibrating, then follow the guide to  Unbrick, fix black screen error for OPPO F1s 2017 due to uploading the wrong ROM
  • OFP file is the company’s standard rom, with all the functions of the above roms. You can see the flashing instructions in this article:  Instructions to remove screen password, remove demo, unbrick OPPO F5 (CPH1723)

As you know, deleting the screen password on Android is quite simple, with the keyword “Hard reset” there is no shortage on Google. However, with the new Oppo line, typically the OPPO F1s (A1601), when entering Recovery, only the line “Wipe data(Keep SMS, Contacts and Photos)” appears.
Below I will show you how to fix it. Everyone should SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel to quickly update the latest videos and tips😀



– April 3, 2017: Added a way to remove screen password for both OPPO F1s 2016 and 2017 (Shared file)

– Anyone who has completed the process but the imei says Null should download this file ( A1601EX-11_A.33_170814 ) and flash it to recovery and it will be ok
– Anyone who activates it and requires Google Account Verification should follow the instructions in this article : [VIDEO] Remove Google account verification for all OPPO (F1, F1s, F1 Plus, A37,…)


and copy it to the memory card, follow the video for the rest 😀


Instructions to remove screen password, remove demo, unbrick OPPO F5 (CPH1723)

The other day I wrote an article on Instructions for unlocking OPPO’s DownloadTool and MsmDownloadTool . So today I made a practical video on OPPO F5 for those who haven’t been able to do it, or still feel their hands are shaking. 😀
After deleting the screen password, you will be stuck with Google account verification. And currently for all OPPO phones, we can still use the *#812# command in Emergency Calls to remove verification (bypass).
Then ok, you download the necessary files later and watch the video for authenticity =))


Remove OPPO F1s 2017 and F1s 2016 screen password

Previously, I had a tutorial to remove screen password for OPPO F1s 2016 version (3G RAM, 32G internal memory). In the previous article, we used the method of downgrading the ROM version to RECOVERY to add the WIPE DATA option.

However, for OPPO F1s 2017, we cannot use the zip ROM version of F1s 2016. From version 20170210  , these two phones use the same ROM, and this version cannot fix RECOVERY.

Today I will show you another way, and this method APPLIES TO BOTH 2016 AND 2017 VERSIONS .

OKE, first you need to download the necessary tools.



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